The Case for the Return

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The Parthenon symbol of Greek cultural heritage.

The Parthenon is the most important symbol of Greek cultural heritage and according to the declaration of universal human and cultural rights the Greek State has a duty to preserve its cultural heritage in its totality, both for its citizens and for the international community. Therefore the request for the reunification of the sculptural elements of the Parthenon is ipso facto a rightful if not a legitimate request.

The display of the sculptures at the Duveen Galleries of the British Museum is unsatisfactory.

The Parthenon sculptures are not properly displayed at the British Museum. Not only they appear as if they form a whole, which they are not - as there is no indication where the missing slabs should have been. They are also exhibited on the inside of a wall. The purpose and aim of the freeze was to portray a procession that ran all along the outside  walls of the Cella building. The New Acropolis Museum corrects all this. The museum is ready to re-house the Marbles and visitors view these unique objects at their greatest advantage and close to their original position.