Classics at the Hay Festival

Classics at the Hay Festival

Tom Holland and Paul Cartledge

The Greeks 1 - Herodotus

                                Event 302Thursday 7 June 2012, 9amVenue: Big Tent

The C5th BC Father of History, who pioneered the systems of ‘inquiry’, holds a mirror up to our own concerns about East and West. Herodotus has an almost modern fascination with the variety of human culture.
The first of 13 sessions exploring the wonders of Ancient Greece, as part of our commitment to Britain's Olympic year.

Paul Cartledge, Bettany Hughes, Angela Hobbs and Tom Holland

The Greeks 2 - The Greek Idea

                                Event 341Thursday 7 June 2012, 6.45pmVenue: Sky Arts Studio

The classicists explore the idea of Greece - the aspirations and the concepts of civilisation, democracy, drama, virtue, victory, liberty and xenia, and discuss what the study of Classics has meant in the wider world.

Angela Hobbs and Paul Cartledge talk to Bettany Hughes

The Greeks 3 – Plato

                                Event 356Friday 8 June 2012, 9amVenue: Big Tent

The classicists consider the heft and influence of The Republic and The Symposium.


Bettany Hughes, Tom Holland, Tim Whitmarsh, Charlotte Higgins


The Greeks 4 - Sparta vs Athens


                                Event 391Friday 8 June 2012, 5.20pmVenue: Big Tent


The classicists balloon-debate the strengths of the two superpower city States who fought the Peleponnesian War 431-404 BC - the artistic Athenian democracy and the military oligarchy in Sparta.