Michelle Patrax-Evans heads to the British Museum to celebrate the Acropolis Museums' 5th anniversary and have her say

Dear BCRPM, this is marvellous.

What a great weekend, I am reading St Clair’s overview with great interest.

Good to hear about a campaign from Greece ‘REturn, REstore and REstart’! I thank you for forwarding it to me, because until now although so committed.... sometimes at this age…… I had been asked by Graham Binns (Chairman of the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles) to develop my public debate speech of 11 November 1985 at Trinity and All Saints University (college ) against the 7th Earl of Elgin, into an article for publication. Publishing the article in December 1997, being thanked for it by Melina Mercouri, being welcomed in the Foundation in Athens by Jules Dassin (Melina’s widower) who asked me to keep writing – was memorable. Also invited to the Televised programme at the Ealing studios then in 1999 by the Minister of Culture for the Olympic committee to join the pre-Olympic games preparation Committee as the expert on culture, developing the article based on my 1996/7 research which is now, on the websites of the BCRPM and Melina Mercouri Foundation...

After all that hope and commitment, I must admit I am overjoyed that with some posters and a little help from my friends, I could lend my support for the 5th anniversary of the Acropolis Museum this June, by visiting the British Museum… on an important mission.

The photos.




Thank you also for your input on cycling and the sculptures from the Parthenon. Joy to be able to combine my love of cycling, the Tour de France in Yorkshire and my commitment to the campaign for the reunification of the sculptures! Michelle Petrax - Evans article

Efficient communications, devotion to the cause : Graham Binns, Melina Mercouri , Jules Dassin, the Olympic committee , (not to mention the support of My MP G Mulholland) and more. I am glad that even from #Yorkshire ( where the best things do happen!) I can be relied upon to be used in this worthy CAUSE.

Michelle Petrax - Evans ON BIKE