New vision for the British Museum

04, July, 2017 Adam Sherwin from reports on the British Museum Director's new vision.

Dr Hartwig Fischer's vision as Director of the British Museum includes providing space to objects that have lost their world and have not been displayed before. Opening, this year will be three major new galleries devoted to the Islamic world, China and South Asia, and Japan.

Adam writes:'the Parthenon sculptures will retain their prominent position.' And yet when considering the BM as a repository of objects that have lost their world, it is these very same sculptures that deserve unity as close as possible to the building they were once a part of. The Parthenon is an iconic building that still stands and the Acropolis Museum's Parthenon Gallery allows millions of visitors from all over the globe to see thse sculptures, with perfect views to the Parthenon too. 

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The British Committee has been campaigning since 1983 for the reunification of the Parthenon Marbles. As a peerless work of art, the sculptures, currently and for the last 200 years have been fragmented, almost evenly divided, mainly between two great cities - Athens and London. As millions of visitors have seen them in Athens, the movement calling for their reunification has not lost its voice, it has amplified. The Parthenon Marbles deserve to be seen in context and in the superlative Acropolis Museum.

To read Adam Sherwin's article, follow the link here  .

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And in the Financial Times (07 July 2017), an article by Jan Dalley on Dr Hartwig Fischer's vision for the British Museum.

BCRPM's conference 07 June 2017, marked 200 years from the date in 1816 when the British Parliament voted to purchase from Lord Elgin his collection of sculpted marbles collected from the Parthenon and elsewhere on the Athenian Acropolis.