Classics and/as World Literature conference, Kings College London, 03-04 June 2016

Location: Council Room (K2.29) King’s Building Strand CampusCategoryConference/Seminar, Culture

When: 03 (10:00) - 04/06/2016 (18:30)

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Description: Classics and/as World Literature conference


The aim of this two-day international conference is to explore (1) how Greek and Latin classical authors, often in modern-language translations, have historically functioned as part of the colonial curriculum and (2) their status relative to Comparative Literature and World Literature.

World Literature has been advocated as new approach to the study of literature in a globalised age, and as one which avoids the nationalist and colonialist pitfalls of studying literatures in traditional departmental and disciplinary formations. But prominent advocates of World Literature have as yet evaded the challenge presented by the ancient Greek and Roman literature to their conceptual framework.

Histories of World Literature progress from Gilgamesh immediately to Dante and skip everything in between. This conference is designed to address that lacuna and emphasise the rightful place of ancient Greek and Latin texts, imperialist warts and all, at the heart of the 21st-century international World Literature syllabus.

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