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Neil MacGregor bemoans Britain’s narrow view of its own history

In an article in the Guardian on 07 October, 2016, Neil MacGregor bemoaned Britain’s narrow view of its own history, calling it “dangerous and regrettable” for focusing almost exclusively on the “sunny side”. We ask - has Neil MacGregor lost faith in the universality of the BM?




Neil MacGregor, OM, is a brilliant ambassador for Anglo-German relations - would that he were anything like half as good a one for Anglo-Hellenic relations too.




2016 is the 200th anniversary of an act (of Parliament) for which the British Museum's Duveen Gallery is what the Germans most expressively call a 'Mahnmal', a monument to past and present national shame.




There is a simple solution: restore the Parthenon Marbles that the Museum so shamefully retains to Athens and to the Acropolis Museum, and there will then no longer be cause for any national shame whatsoever - so far as the present and future condition and curation of the Marbles are concerned, at any rate.



For the article in the Guardian, follow the link.



Professor Paul Cartledge