2014 Archived News

Robin Williams.The campaign to reunite the sculptures from the Parthenon, has lost a great yet humble supporter

Tuesday, 12 August, 2014. The day started with the tragic news that actor Robin Williams had died. He will be remembered by the world for his amazing parts in many iconic firms, when he made so many of us cry and laugh as well as reflect on so many levels - Mrs Doubtfire, how could you leave now? 

The campaign to reunite the sculptures from the Parthenon has lost a great, yet humble supporter. He will be remembered for his love of all things Greek, not least the sculptures from the Parthenon.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.


And we humbly thank Robin Williams for his support. 

...."I go to all the Greek islands ... " , said... Robin Williams. " I have seen archaeological sites that made me think: I can not believe that I am in the country that gave birth to everything we know, everything we read in Greek mythology. Greek history is something that the whole of humanity should respect and bow. Perhaps the Greek economy is going to hell, but this does not mean that you (Greeks) are helpless. Economic data is constantly changing and in Europe and in America and around the world. What never changes is the heritage, your identity. The Parthenon is not leaving Athens. It's there to remind that all this progress and prosperity may return. Today I am in England, for example, and I have nowhere to go. What to see? Buckingham Palace?  As and when I go to Germany, I do not care to see the Berlin Wall. But one can not ignore Delos, the Parthenon and Mycenae !", Robin Williams in an interview with Proto Thema newspaper.