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Pienaar’s Politics on BBC Radio 5 live 16 February 2014

John Pienaar dedicated the last item of his Sunday 16 February Politics programme on BBC Radio 5 Live programme to the issue of the Parthenon sculptures. One of his guests, actress Dame Janet Suzman spoke about how she came to support the reunification of these sculptures.

 Download and listen to the interview HERE.

actor-janet-suzman-007                                                     "When Melina Mercouri was Culture Minister of Greece (that's how old I am) I was roped into the argument - it's an old argument.

"I'll tell you why I'm pro the marbles going back to Greece, its because that building sitting on top of the Acropolis, the Parthenon - George is not wrong in calling it a Pantheon - it is a sort of Pantheon, a kind of model of what we value in the west.

"I think that to have the ancient building still standing from the ancient world from which these beautiful sculptures wrere wrenched, makes it unique.

"There isn't another one of them where you can actually see the wound.

"I think the Greeks are right in wanting to complete the artefact that for them is the most important in the world and gives us all our values.

"It was fairly hectic the way they were stolen and shipped and then put here.

"They have been a star attraction in the British Museum - we have had them for a long time. I think Boris Johnson understandably wants to put London first in the star stakes, but the Greeks have now built a stunning museum. I've seen it. A space waiting for the marbles and it is 'their' marbles really.