2011 Archived News

Looking at the Athenian Acropolis: From modern times to antiquity

21st Annual Runciman Lecture

Thursday 2 February 2012

Great Hall, Strand Campus, 18.00

Looking at the Athenian Acropilis: from modern times to antiquity

Speaker: William St Clair

William St Clair will discuss the ways in which the Acropolis has historically been interpreted by three main constituencies, the people of Athens, visitors from abroad, and those who only saw Athens in their imaginations with the help of pictures. Beginning in modern times when current viewing conventions were invented, and going back through chronological layers, he suggests how his approach can improve our understanding of how the Acropolis was understood in antiquity.

His starting point is that it was the viewers who made the meanings.

The talk will include images never previously shown.

William St Clair, FBA, FRSL, is Senior Research Fellow, Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. His books include Lord Elgin and the Marbles, That Greece Might Still be Free and the work on which the approach is based, The Reading Nation in the Romantic Period.

Sir Michael Llewellyn Smith will introduce the speaker and Bettany Hughes will give the vote of thanks.